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Drifters Episode 10 English Subbed
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  • bruhhhhh4353524389


  • Void

    unless a boy with a ponytail and bangs over one eye appears, lmao I almost died

    • natta0202

      Saaaaame X,DDD

  • Augie Janke

    Any ideas as to “who” the black king is? I am thinking a pharaoh, Lucifer, King Midas or someone from the biblical Middle East.

    • Goofygoober

      it’s gandalf

    • Ergotth

      looks a lot like Jesus, since multiplication was a very unique trait of him. And healing as well.

      • natta0202

        Yeah, this truly seems to be the case, though we can’t be sure until they finally reveal who he is in canon.

        • Ergotth

          although I’m still scratching my head on whats up with the dragonfly on his staff! Is that some symbolism I’m missing?

          • natta0202

            Same here. I don’t think it has anything to do with Jesus, but don’t quote me on this ^^”

      • Austin Poole

        I’ve been thinking its Jesus from the start. When he talked about saving the world but mankind rejected him. Along with the healing and stuff as well.

    • Bet_On_Underdog

      pause at -22:10 and look at his hand… who could it be?

    • Masterbuzz

      the healing powers are a dead give away also he has holes in arm. Clearly he is Jesus Christ

    • FierFolw

      100% Jesus

      • Augie Janke

        I was thinking Jesus at first as well especially since he (the black king) said that human DENIED him so he now chooses the goblins and such. As a Christian this pisses me off…I am truly hoping that the writer didn’t make the black king Jesus.

        • Tyler McCold

          We don’t give a shit ! Christian or not it is the author’s choice to make him Jesus or not. I hope it is Jesus just to see the reaction of these stupid christians, I hope to see them bummed it will be so entertaining ! Fuck Christians and fuck all religions !

  • Ergotth

    8:30 you can pretty much tell this was the moment Nobunaga just orgasmed on the inside.

  • Shini-Gunny

    toyo is struggling hard

  • genesis

    its jesus i didn’t like the idea, they made him look that way btw look at the holes on his hands it even says mankind turn its back on him.

  • Scavenger Six

    It is honestly frustrating to know a man that dresses and acts like a spangly poof and I share the same tastes.

  • Xenosaurus

    have to admit, it gets kinda awkward when they keep stroking the HItlerdick…

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